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Indian Dance Workshops

Our school workshops are a fun and educative way to teach children about Indian culture and traditionl as well as the importance of music and dance. India is multicultural country and its dance forms magnificently express its diversity, colour and beauty. Indian dance is a physical and artistic way for children to engage with Indian culture and is a hugely satisfying and expressive skill for them to learn.

Cultural education and exchange has enormous positive effects on children and their communi-ties, as they are given the chance to share in the different cultures and art forms that different people and places have to offer.

Add Indian cultural dance to your school program and expose your children to the wonder and intricacies of India through dance and movement. We can provide Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba and Indian classical dance workshops and even combine a fusion of styles within one workshop

Dance Forms -

Indian Classical Dance from Kerela - Bharathantyam
Folk Dance from Punjab - Bhangra
Folk Dance from Gujarat - Garba
Folk Dance from Maharashtra - Lezim
Blending all together - Bollywood

Let us know what you need and we will send you a quote.

After-school club Bollywood session

Book us for Bollywood workshops or regular after-school Bollywood lessons. Bollywood dance is a great physical, creative, team building and fun activity for kids. In our regular Bollywood session for kids we build the foundations of Bollywood dance by practising the core basics, whilst increasing coordination and memory through longer routines & sequences. Cultural context is always included to both educate and inspire! The ideal age to start Bollywood is 6+.

Teachers are CRB checked and have years of experience teaching children dance.

Kids Party

Dancing is part of every party especially when it come to kids. Kids love trying something new specially when it’s loud, engaging, fun and colorful. If you are planning a birthday party and looking for a theme, I promise you Indian Bollywood Theme is just the perfect one.

With Indian food, henna and Bollywood dancing we can bring the fun engaging refreshing party atmosphere for kids. Please contact to discuss further on the date, time, venue, costumes, style, group size

Salsa for kids

The term ‘salsa’ was created in New York, meaning the dance was a spicy mix of flavours or dance ing#FC6D6Dients.

If you’ve been searching for some fun and motivating activities for your children, perhaps you should consider salsa for kids. Salsa dancing is an inc#FC6D6Dible way to get your kids up, moving and away from those video games this summer, and chances are, once they get the hang of this in-creasingly popular dance.