Performances & Workshops

Bollywood means colour, energy and drama!

Let us complete your special event with one of our dazzling Bollywood performances, each one as mind-blowing as a Bollywood movie.

Specialising in fusing Indian Classical Dance with modern Bollywood, we design our performances to match the flavor of the occasion and the tastes of the audience.

We also offer interactive workshops alongside our performances so that your guests can get on board with some Bollywood moves! Be rest assured they will not be able to hold back.

Do get in touch if you want to have Bollywood colors in your event or festival. Bollywood with BollyRed !

Aanchal Gupta Solo Performance

Aanchal is trained in Indian Classical, Bollywood, folk dances Bhangra & Garba and Latin Dance - Salsa.

Specialising in these dance style, she creates a unique entertaining performance based on the event theme.

Her performances are filled with grace, expression and energy.Performances depict a story or translate musicality through steps or are outright Bollywood entertainment

The whole experience is topped with beautiful colourful costumes.

BollyRed Team Performance

The team is together since mid 2016 and has performed in more than 50 events. BollyRed is a versatile team with dancers from different walks of life and with expertise in different dance styles.

Team members are full of life resonating in there performance with great stage presence, energy and smile which spreads like wild fire.

Bollywood, HipHop, Contemporary, Jazz, Indian Classical and folk dances from India are the few style we work with while creating our routines.

BollyRed has performed at Corporate Events, Conferences, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Charity-Fund Raiser Events, Social Events, Bollywood Nights and Festivals. With BollyRed there is never a dull moments and we promise to bring the most entertaining show for you.

Festival Performance & Workshop

BollyRed has been part of some of the most amazing festivals in UK till date (London Diwali, Womad, Bristol Harbour festival, Bristol Pride, Bestival and Tribe of Doris to name a few).

We showcase entertaining and dynamic workshops so that every one falls in love with Bollywood in no time.

Festival performances are designed to showcase the intricacy of different dance styles from India where in

workshops are designed with authentic and easy to follow steps so that all the attendees get the real feel and learn a whole routine in the span of workshop.