Choreography for your group

We can help you realise the most creative choreography for any event or occasion, be it a competition, stage performance or social dance event. We will make you or your group stand out with our dynamic and colorful choreography which will play to your strengths and bring out the best in you.

Choreography can be of any theme and style, including a fusion of Salsa, Bachata, Jive, Bollywood, Bhangra or Indian classical. We’ll pay attention to every minute detail of your unique routine.

First meeting with concept discussion!

Contact Aanchal for more details.

We’ll start with a concept discussion and a short lesson. We’ll get to understand what your goals and vision are for the event or performance, so we can create choreography that really reflects your ideas.

We work with all the folk dances of India as well as Bollywood, Salsa and Bachata.

Pricing varies depending on the length of the routine and the number of sessions required. Studio rent cost is separate to the teaching cost. Sessions can also be conducted in the comfort of your house.

Please get in touch to discuss further details.